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This is Prime Time for Preventive Pool Maintenance

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7 Common Pool Management Errors to Avoid

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Is Your Pool Leaking? How to Perform a Bucket Test to Find Out

Don’t run your pump 24/7. On an average day, running your pump for 8-12 hours is sufficient. Granted, you may run it for longer after a party, but if you are running your pump all day, every day, you are unnecessarily hiking your electric bill. Visit the Florida Pool and Leak blog for tips.

How To Keep Your Pool Algae FreeHow To Keep Your Pool Algae Free

At Florida Pool and Leak, the inspection we perform is a visual and operational inspection of the pool and equipment. An average inspection takes about an hour, sometimes less, often a little longer.

Do you think your pool or spa might have a leak?

The Florida Pool and Leak team will discuss the leak issues with you and make the necessary repairs to restore your pool and stop water loss.

How to Check for a Pool Leak Yourself!