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Florida Pool and Leak's Guaranteed service is having the latest state-of-the-art ultrasonic leak detector, we guarantee to find the leak or the customer does not pay, “we find leaks others can’t” is our motto.

Swimming Pool Inspection Miami, FL


At Florida Pool and Leak Specialists Inc., we understand how important a pool inspection can be to our clients. If you’re buying a new home, you would not want to discover a costly pool repair. To avoid this, there is no better team to hire than Florida Pool and Leak Specialists to conduct your pool inspection. We provide top-of-the-line swimming pool inspections in Miami, FL, for all types and sizes of pools in any residential area. While other inspectors provide minimal testing above the water, we will actually go into the water to conduct our pool inspections to ensure maximum evaluation of your pool’s functions.

Services We Provide for Swimming Pool Inspection in Miami, FL

Valve and Pipe Inspection: This testing allows us to make sure the inner workings of the pool are functioning properly before you buy your new home.

Lighting Inspection: We will get into the pool and inspect the lighting to make sure it is functioning properly, and we can also check for any sealing issues that may cause condensation that can lead to mold and other issues.

Surface, Diamond Bright & Pool Plaster Inspection: We check your pool surface and determine if there are any issues with your pool plaster, diamond bright, or more that can be detrimental to your pool in the future.

Leak Inspection: We run all leak detection tests on your pool to make sure there is no issue, which will protect the look and longevity of your pool for years to come.

Pressure Testing: This detection test will tell us if the inner workings of your pool have any leak issues that need to be handled.

Dye Testing: This form of testing can show us where water is leaking from your pool as the dye is pulled toward the leak.

We provide Underwater Photos and Videos: To ensure all of this is documented, on record, and proven, we take underwater photos and videos that you can have ready when it’s time to buy.

For more information regarding a professional swimming pool inspection in Miami, FL, and hiring one of our trained professionals for insurance or real estate services, contact us today!