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Florida Pool and Leak provides monthly maintenance services, including Heater installation and repair (Natural Gas Heaters – Propane Heaters – Electric Heat Pumps), Filter Installation and Repair (Sand – DE – Cartridge), Pump and Motor Installation and Repair and more.

Swimming Pool Repair in Miami, FL

Just like any pool in any location, things go wrong. It is just the reality of owning a pool. But there is no need to worry when you contract Florida Pool and Leak Specialists. We offer swimming pool repair in Miami, Florida, at great prices with even better service. For over 25 years, we have been an industry leader in pool repair in Miami, FL, and we have no intentions of every leaving that spot. That is why we continue to provide unparalleled service to our fellow south Floridians and do our job in keeping your pools in the best shape possible for your enjoyment. From heater fixes to leak detection and repair, we can do it all.

Popular Services We Provide

Pump & Motor Repair: We understand that pool pumps and motors sometimes just breakdown. That is why our trained professionals will go in and analyze the problem to find the quickest and most effective solution for you to fix the inner working and get you back to enjoying your time in the water. Contract us today for all of your pump and motor repair needs.

Leak Detection & Repair: A leak can be detrimental to anyone who owns a pool. If it is not solved as soon as possible, it can cause permanent damage to the pool structure as well as your property as a whole. For professional detection and repair services, contact Florida Pool and Leak today.

Repiping: For internal pool plumbing damage that is beyond repair, we offer repiping to fix the issue and get your pool back up and running at its maximum potential.

Need more information and pricing on our services? For pool repair in Miami, Florida, that you can count on, contact us today!


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