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Pool Leak Detection and Repair

As the experts in pool leak detection and repair in Miami, FL, we at Florida Pool and Leak take great pride in detecting your leak and fixing it promptly and effectively to ensure the look and longevity of your pool. A leak that is ignored can cause irreversible damage to the pool as well your property. As soon as you notice missing water from your pool with no obvious reason, it is essential that you contact us immediately and we will get out to the location as soon as possible. Upon our arrival we will use the latest state of the art ultra-sonic, pinpoint locating device that will detect your leak with no deck destruction or pipe cutting necessary. If you’re losing an inch of water a week, you may have a leak. Water loss can burn out the motor on your pump, this can cost you upwards of $500 in damages. We are so confident in our leak detection services that if we can’t find your leak, you will pay nothing. Additionally, we offer 90-day warranties on minor repairs and 1 year warranties on major repairs so you can rest assured knowing we take responsibility and pride in our work.

The Three Processes That Go Into Pool Leak Detection and Repair in Miami, FL Are Pressure Testing, Dye Testing and the use of an ultra-sonic device.

Finding the Leak: The single most important part of leak detection is finding the source of the leak. Rather than quick patching any point of the leak, we actually get into your water to further investigate and find the source to keep the leak out of the structure of the pool. Leaking pools can cause you to have high water bills. Ignore the problem today, and you’ll pay big tomorrow.

Repairing the Leak: Depending on the location of the leak, we have different methods of repair. Whether it’s a crack in the pool wall concrete, or a leaky pipe, we will patch it correctly and fix it for longevity to help ensure this never happens again. If it’s just a pipe that’s leaking, we will tighten it, replace it, or patch it and if it’s a cracked concrete leak, we will patch it with right materials to handle the wear and tear of constant pool use. Through our experienced repair process, we use a staple system that utilizes carbon fiber staples to bring about maximum durability and longevity to your repair.

For more information on pool leak detection and repair in Miami, FL, and to learn more about our leak detection services, contact us now!


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